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Wenhao Wang is an undergraduate in the film program at George Mason University with a concentration in directing. He formed his own Crystal Balloon Studio in 2013. Since then, he has worked in a variety of areas including but not limited to audio broadcasting, live broadcast of a thousand people's ceremonies, short narrative films, documentaries, music videos, YouTube videos, etc. He has nine years of experience in editing, six years of experience in operating cameras, and three years of experience as a director.

He's been very active for the past few years. He used his personal cinema camera, SONY FX6 and the SONY A7S3, to shoot a number of award-winning student productions. As a DP, he shot the short film An Old Friend in 2021. It won Best Cinematography, Color, and Soundtrack awards at George Mason Film Festival. He later appeared in the music video Nan Fang as DP and was selected for the European Short Film Award.

In addition to the cameras, he personally owned a lot of lighting equipment. He also appeared in a music video as a gaffer in 2022. He also has an entire recording system. Shotgun Mic, Lav Mic, So he knows how to work as a Sound Mixer on the set.

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